I know that the Divine Spirit is operating through me now. I know that I am not limited by anything that has happened or by anything that is now happening. I am aware that the truth is making me free from any belief in want, lack, or limitation. I have a feeling of security and of ability to do any good thing that I should do. I am entering into an entirely new set of conditions and circumstances that which has no limit is flowing through my consciousness into acting. I am guided by the same Intelligence and inspired by the same imagination which scatters the moonbeams across the waves and holds the forces of nature in its grasp. I have a calm inward conviction of my union with good my Oneness with God. I have complete confidence that the God who is always with me is able and willing to direct everything I do to control my affairs, to lead me into the pathway of Peace and Happiness. I free myself from every sense of condemnation, either against myself or others. I loose every sense of animosity. I now understand that there is a Presence and a Principle in every person gradually drawing him into the Kingdom of Good. I Know that the Kingdom of God is at hand and I am resolved to discover this Kingdom, to possess it and to let it possess me NOW!

Author unknown

Lovingly Blessing you,                
Anna Dorathea              


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